Character Creation

Note: There are no attributes like Str, Dex, etc. It’s only skills that matter. And each of these picks will give you +X in certain skills. A rough guess at the skill list is at the bottom of the page. You may or may not also have a small pool of points to buy up your skills. If you do, higher skills will cost more.

  1. Pick your Race
  2. Pick your Background
  3. Pick your Officer Type
  4. Roll your Baggage
  5. Pick your Starting Equipment

1. Your race can be anything on the Races page.

2. The backgrounds are:

  • Military [Grunt]
  • Military [Officer]
  • Espionage
  • Criminal
  • Pilot
  • Scientist
  • Medical Professional
  • Possibly others revealed later

3. The Officer Types are:

  • Commander
  • Muntions Officer/Quartermaster
  • Engineer
  • Doctor
  • Captain (Limit 1 per Charter)
  • Legal Counsel
  • Chaplain
  • Cook
  • Possibly others revealed later

4. If you feel lucky, roll for a problem your character has. You’re stuck with the result, but you get an as-yet-unrevealed bonus to compensate.

5. Pick your starting equipment from the catalog, remembering that it’s limited by the company budget.

Alpha Version of the Skills


  • Athletics (Jump, Climb, Pursuit)
  • Dodge
  • Endurance (Hold Breath, Survive Poison, Hard Vacuum)
  • Larceny (Pick Pockets, Pick Locks)
  • Stealth (Hide, Tail)


  • Astrophysics (Worm Gates, Teraports, Antimatter)
  • Chemistry (Explosives, Biochemistry)
  • Computers (Hacking, AI, Security, Programming, Repair)
  • Drive (Hover, Wheeled, Tracked)
  • Economics (Local, Planetary, Sector)
  • Engineering (Starships, Vehicles, Architecture, Space Stations)
  • Experimentation (Any mental skill you have points in)
  • Geophysics (Planetary, Small Scale, Space Stations)
  • History (Species, Galactic, Political, Military)
  • Mechanic (Repair, Build, Jury-rig)
  • Medic (Surgery, First Aid)
  • Pilot (Navigate, Evasive Action, Slip Pursuit)
  • Research
  • Tactics (Small Scale, Naval, Large Scale)
  • Xenobiology (Pick a race)


  • Carouse (Loosen Tongues, Fish for Information)
  • Deceive (Lie, Distract, Disguise, Act)
  • Gamble (Bluff, Read Opponent)
  • Investigation (Forensics, Tracking, Detect Lies)
  • Negotiate (Hostages, Financial, Black Market)
  • Perception (Taste, Sight, Touch, Smell, Hearing, Traps, Ambush)
  • Reputation (Particular species, organization, Intimidation)


  • Pistols (PEA, Firearm, Beam, Plasma, Nonlethal)
  • Explosives (IEDs, Disarming, Detecting)
  • Scattergun (PEA, Firearm, Beam, Plasma, Nonlethal)
  • Rifle (PEA, Firearm, Beam, Plasma, Nonlethal)
  • Melee Weapons (Wrestling, Unarmed Combat, Blades, Exotic)
  • Ship Weapons (Torpedoes, Cannons)
  • Thrown (Grenades, Spears, Axes)
  • Heavy Weapons (PEA, Firearm, Beam, Plasma, Ion, Nonlethal)

Character Creation

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